Råland the Dwarf Tosser
A.k.a. .......

Råland is a man well past the glory of his youth.

He dwells in the Arkadia district, renting a room from the well respected Granny Backbreaker. All his life Råland wanted to be a city guard, patrolling the alleyways shouting "ALL IS WELL" or even better, dispensing justice with his spiked club "The right doer". Unfortunate Råland could not get past the physiological evaluation, being thrown out from the academy for taking the law "too seriously". Clubbing an old lady within a hair of her life when she refused too pay a fine for littering.
Also it may be added there is no fine for littering, Råland just thought there should be.

Nowadays Råland supports himself as a part time bouncer part time semiprofessional Dwarf- tosser, still posting his application to the city guard every semester.