Torion Rotenkopf
A.k.a. Torion the Tower (or Torion the Thick behind his back)

Torion was born to a poor Riverside family and it soon became clear that he was both abnormally big and slow of wit. As a fifth son he was given love and care only by his older sister. At the age of seven, Torion was more or less sold as an apprentice to a family member blacksmith. His upbringing meant hard work in the smithy and he was treated harshly and further ridiculed for his immense size and docility (+1 disadvantage). 

At the age of fifteen, after several hard and strengthening years in the smithy, The Nan first laid eyes on Torion. For some unknown reason Torion immediately became one of The Nan’s favourites (-2 advantage). It cannot have been pity that moved The Nan, as she is known for her cold heartedness and practicality, so it must have been something else. So, after having suffered ridicule and torment from the entire Rotenkopf family and connected branches, Torion was suddenly given a careful and calculating respect by the family. It is not wise to anger The Nan…..

Torion stands just over 2 metres, with a round belly, legs like tree trunks, arms like logs and hands as big as saucers. His body is not only huge, but also strong and durable to pain (-3 advantage, +1 STR feat dice, -1 injury penalty). He has bright red hair, freckles, blue eyes and a mouth that always seems to hang open in thought. Intelligence or streetwise cunning does NOT radiate from Torion, who is plagued with a slow mind and bad confidence when it comes to social interaction and business. Too many times he earnt the whip from his master for agreeing to bad terms when repairing armour and tools. Torion is extremely easily led and seems drawn to bullies and people of authority (+2 disadvantage). He admires those who lead – even if they are bad unjust leaders. He loves food and fancy words – as he can’t really put them together himself and dreams of becoming a poet – like the admirable shabby fellows down at the Senate Stairs. Torion’s huge bulk is often seen wandering the street in his blacksmith’s apron and his heavy hammer.
Although easily led and bullied into obedience, Torion detests violence and hates cruelty to animals. He stays clear of “The Drink” as it changes him to some kind of Ogre and is ever watchful for all NASTINESS (evil according to the Nan).

Last year his age old tormentor, the smith, died of a heart attack and Torion is now for the first time in charge of his own faith and can do what he wants. He has decided he wants to see the world – which in his reality means the city. He wants to go to the Solemn Isle, climb Lover’s Hill and wander the posh streets of the NamNam district. Maybe one day, if he gets the courage, he would very much like to the see the Dark Forest outside the city. Most importantly, he wants to obey The Nan and live corr….corr…correctedely…..