Werner from Old Harbour
A.k.a. .......

Werner grew up big and strong. His hard working parents put him to work unloading ships on the docks as soon as he was able. He liked lifting heavy things, and he enjoyed being told he did a good job. With age, Werner became a well known person, locally famous for his strength, work ethic, as well as his hard fists and fondness for food and drink.

The young lad was no more than a teenager when he caught the eye some powerful magistrates , returning from a sea voyage. They liked the cut of his jib, and promptly employed him in the Justice District as a guard. It was a match made in heaven. Werner's love of doing a good job and having clear lines between good and bad mated perfectly with the city's need for having someone scare criminals into submission. Before three years had passed, the boy had been appointed the judicial champion of the magistrates.

To the casual stranger, Werner may appear as nothing but a borderline deformed brute of a boy with the mind of a sly child, but to those familiar with his work he is known, with varying degrees of respect, as the Blind Bull. He is not well-liked by the commoners, but he is feared, and his superiors absolutely love him.