Ahriman Xander
(Guildmaster of the Alchemists)

Ahriman Xander is Guild Master of the Alchemists in Köping and operates the guild sternly but fair. He is totally devout to the art of alchemy and possesses great arcane knowledge. He is a master of all the four elements and among the few who can read both Dwarf runes and Overman high-chant. He also dabbles with basic physics and is currently working on a method of cutting lenses in order to construct a “Star-Gazer” which will help determinate the influence that the heavenly bodies have upon the elemental flows.

His prime tools of the trade are his razor-sharp intellect and keen observation skills which are the factors that also elevated him to his position as Guild Master.
He is however easily distracted and tends to get absorbed by his work, Ahriman is a man who cares little about affairs outside the narrow world of alchemy, but if consulted he is extremely neutral in his disposition. He will do nothing that compromises the guild but if someone would rouse his spirits by displaying intriguing enigmas or alchemy related information, he would be all interest.

Being close to ninety years old, Ahriman is beginning to lose hearing (explosions are common in the alchemist's guild) and he sometimes uses a device resembling a meer-foam pipe to better his perception. He is solemn and gnarly but not heartless and can be persuaded to help if the cause is good enough.