Darius Macchiavelli
(First Secretary of the Senate)

Darius Macchiavelli is the appointed First Secretary of the senate and as such a man of severe power and influence. Officially and politically he tends to lean towards the nobles as he originates from their ranks, but in reality he has an agenda all of his own with Darius as focal point. Albeit being of noble birth, he stems from a family almost destitute despite their great ancestry and therefore his interests are mostly monetary.
In Darius´ eyes information is power and power accumulates wealth. This makes him open for lobbying, bribes and money under the table if someone rich enough wants to influence local politics or civic duties.

He could well be described as the Grey Eminence of the senate as almost all propositions, legislations and errands run via his office. This means that Darius is among the best informed men in Köping and as he also employs a private network of informants to acquire even more intelligence, not much of interest avoids his attention.

Darius is in his early thirties, self-centred, greedy and extremely suspicious but at the same time a conniving and patient player in the game of politics. He prefers to act as middle-hand when foul play is involved, avoiding as much risk as possible, but is on good terms with many of Köpings darker elements whose services he often uses.