Magister Khurja
(Foremost of the Witch Hunters of Köping)

Like all Witch Hunters of the world, Khurja is both admired and feared. Witch Hunters are experts at seeking out practicioners of forbidden dark magic and the servants of Nidnatt. Khurja is exceptionally good and ruthless in his purging of evil from Köping and commands the twenty or so Witch Hunters who always can be found in the city. From the Church of the Waking Flame in the Temple District he directs the eternal war against evil. As all know, one could very easily become the target of Witch Hunters if unking witnesses testify to ones dark deeds or evil taint.

None have ever seen the face of Khurja, but rumours abound of Khurja having sacrifced his humanity in pursuit of evil and having become a demon himself. Old scholars claim he was once a Firstman whom dabbled in black maic and saw the error of his ways. Other claim he might very well be a servant of Nidnatt himself (they don't say this loudly....), the line the Witch Hunters walk is very thin.