The Nan
(A.k.a. Gammelfarmor...maybe also once known as either Bella or Dragana?)

The seemingly ageless matriarch of the Rotenkopf family and all connected minor branches is greatly feared and respected throughout Köping. Through blood ties, contacts, knowledge, internal family strife, blackmail and sheer female guile and dominance, the figure known to all as The Nan holds tremendous power over the family members from her gloomy stone mansion in the Old District. Being a friend of The Nan means great benefits such as cheaper prices, free favours, protection from taxes and lawless men and much, much more. Getting The Nan angry means misfortune, bad financial health, female lock-out and possibly even death.

The Nan ranks the family members by how close to the mantle piece their picture hangs on the wall. The portraits change place on a daily basis, and all family members dread facing The Nan in her living room audience chamber and finding that their portrait is all the way over by the kitchen door.

For the right price and favours (IOUs are OK as well...) there is much information or even artefacts to be gained from The Nan....if you're family.