Varya Rotenkopf-Sallinn
(Justicar Captain)

Varya is a legend in Köping. Her fearlessness and deadly accuracy with her far too heavy dwarven crossbow of immediate death makes her one of the cities finest (and most good-looking) Justicars. Although born to the noble Sallinn Family, Varya's father was a Rotenkopf and the unwashable taint of the great family can be found in her hair. She bears her father's name proudly but is far too boisterous and arrogant doer rather than planner. Known for her beaten lovers, rough temper and utter fearlessness in battle, everyone belives Varya makes up for being a female in the City Justicars by being tougher than her peers.

Being a god friend (or at least a wanna-be friend or relative) can get oneself out of a lot of trouble with the Justicars in Köping.