Tired of players nagging about XP all the time?
Tired of players arguing that roleplaying, monster stats and monster reactions aren't "real" or "unlawful"
Tired of players having read the rules and pointing out that you're not following them?
Tired of players saying "what's in it for us?" and "we don't get rewarded enough!"
Tired of having your monster or NPC names changed and/or ridiculed?
Tired of having to explain why a longbow is better than a crossbow?
Tired of players wanting to fight defenceless, starving peasants instead of 30 m dragons?
Tired of dice being rolled too far away to see and suspiciously unanimous players nodding eagerly that "yep, it was a success"?
Tired of players getting in the way of you telling a really cool story and not dying the gory way theyre supposed to?
Tired of players?

If you answered yes to only 1 of these questions (although it was all of them right?!) the United Gamemasters League of Yesternight (U.G.L.Y.) is something for you. We will assist you morally, verbally and sometimes even astrally with troublesome players. We will help spam and terrorize unruly players and collectively embargo/lock out players whom have been deemed "obnoxious" from roleplaying sessions.

Other benefits of joining U.G.L.Y.:

We sympathize with you
Our membership fee is in gold pieces, gemlinks, firebirds, republic credits or other made-up currency of your choice.
We help you invent nasty, unthinkable, unrealistic monsters which help you terminate any ongoing discussions or troublesome warrior-mage-palladin-thieves out there.
We actively promote and sell superior and well-proven GM aids such as "Bone Dice", "Grymkäfts Fällor", "101 Beasts That Will Kill Without Resistance Rolls", "101 Lethal Spells They Didn't Know About" and "Sneaky Attack Calculations Charts".
We provide useful professional hints such as: "Loose their character sheet", "demand re-rolls", "no it's not your turn yet", "oh, sorry the monster is already there", "sorry, there are no perception rolls in D&D" etc etc.
Magister Mundi sum !