Du - Characters


"The Illuminator" (Shantic)

"Saw'ampid" (Triddis) -The Hearth 
"Naaktfer" (Than) -NightFire 
"Bruuh" (Boru) -Old Teacher 
"S'sric" (Cleash) -The Destroyer 

The large Du moon is covered with bright, slowly swirling, amber clouds.

Celestial Body Type:

Planetary satellite

Distance from Gravity Well:

390 921 km

Equatorial Diameter:

3 967 km

Orbital Period:

81 days

Orbital inclination

4 degrees

Jorune Characters

This sections contains information about the characters played during the many Jorune adventures.

The Tales of Jorune have starred several characters, played by many different players. Characters have come and gone over the years, as Jorune takes its deadly toll on those foolhardy enough to poke their noses into places where no man or thriddle should ever go. But some characters (and players) have endured longer than others. These are referred to as the Original Heroes [OH].

But as the Original Heroes rose in experience and rank, they also became more and more involved in the greater political schemes of Jorunes various factions. In the end these characters became harder and harder to play, which led to the introduction of the Next Generation Heroes [NGH]. In interchanging adventures, the Original Heroes and the Next Generation Heroes saw Burdoth through one of its most troublesome times - the death of the Dharsage and the rise of the democratic DharKim.

Now the newest batch of heroes - the People's Heroes [PH] - take up the challenge in a harsh world which does not at all seem ready for democracy and justice.

Lastly, there are "guest" characters, controlled by players who have wished - or have been storywise forced to - have a break from their main character for some reason.

Snogard a.k.a. "The Vodra" [Original Hero]

Other aliases: Tomlin the Chef, The Doctor, Captain Tallin. 
A cunning Drenn and DharCopra Caji of significant power and stunning features. Although lacking various body parts, legends hold him to be the legendary, but largely unknown Ardothian diyorda known as "The Vodra". Other rumours speculate that he in fact is a Red Cape agent. Snogard was once declared a shissic of Burdoth for his friendship with Lukazail but is now a newly appointed Drenn.

Jeremiah "Jer-Emiah" Gerrig [Original Hero]

Originally an orphaned jer of Miedrinth, who attained a reputation as a capable condrij and attaining drennship. Jeremiah has fought, tracked and cooked limilates out of most creatures of Jorune. At one time declared a shissic of Burdoth for his friendship with Lukazail but later interrogated, freed and reinstated as a Drenn.

Jaqueline de Montluc [Original Hero]

A Ros Crendorian priestess, sworn to protect the world from the powers of the Dreamlords (lamorri). The High Priestess of Ros Crendor (Mother) has sent her out into the world to learn about the Dreamlord's growing powers outside Ros Crendor. Having faced already three Dreamlords, her knowledge is rivalling those of the Agari. Having sworn to free her realm of the Fallen Priestesses who recently usurped Ros Crendor and killed Mother, Jaqueline searches for a dangerous Dreamlord artefact

Pjire Fickie [Original Hero]

A large Ros Crendorian boccord tribesman who without really understanding why, has been appointed by Mother to be Jaqueline's protector in most foreign lands. Known for his dim-witedness, fearless (berserk) demeanor and his overindulgence in the battle limilate Aruik. Loud, strong and deadly, but calm and sweet as a pibber when under the stern gaze of Pretéss Jaqueline. For his valour, Pjire was newly appinted Drenn, little understanding the implications and responsibilities associated with this honoured title.

Khaine Johennon [Original Hero]

A well travelled and well spoken iscin from Ardoth. A coward but a Drenn. At one point he was stripped of his drennship and declared a shissic of Burdoth for his friendship with Lukazail. After some years in a dark forgotten herris, Khaine was freed and once again elevated to Drenn status. Whether he still trusts and loves Burdoth is an open question for debate, but this has not prevented him from becoming a Kimmit of Gauss. 

Prince Gorramar II [Original Hero]

The spoilt and wayward Kan Lenkhan prince of Lendûra has been sent to Burdoth to learn more about the world, people and his holy task to one day lead the Kan Lenkha. He has currently teamed up with dubious, Kimmits, Drenns, Tauthers and barbarians who seem to switch between hero and shissic status more often than a pibber in a corondon nest would thist.

Tavar Brinko [Deceased Original Hero]

A brave young human raised amongst the woffen of Yobreh, Lundere. After a rough upbringing on the street, Tavar, was taken under the dubious wings of his uncle Falken Johnom and taught the hard ways of life upon the seas of Jorune. Tavar soon grew to a renowned and mighty warrior, until the day he fell fighting the awakened Dreamlord horrors of the underground.

Lukazail Laholahan [Retired Original Hero]
A huge, cruel and vengeful boccord condrij and crey-man with a terrible visage and uncertain loyalties to Burdoth's dharsage, the ramian and the shanta. This unlikely Drenn of Burdoth was once declared a shissic of Burdoth for his treason and involvement in helping rebels usurp the Rhakesht of the Drailoth colony. Despite being somehow linked to the murder of the Dharsage's son, the murder machine is once again a Drenn and loose in the world.

Mojjk "Just Mojjk" [Retired Original Hero]
A silent travelling condrij. The grim warrior is also a highly skilled tracker and can reputedly climb any surface. After having faced death, Mojjk has changed somewhat and many are frightful what kind of ties and loyalties a Dreamlord's gift of life brings.

Nod Noroc [Retired Original Hero]
An ardisian entris and Burdothian patriot, who has gotten himself mixed up with the wrong kind of roughnecks and shissics. Formerly the advisor to Burdoth's ambassadors to Japs and Khodre, Nod is now forced to rely on vulgar violence to preserve his very person (far away from civilisation). Recently elevated as a hero when returning as an emmissary of the long lost Sky people, Nod bathes in the light of fame and glory.

Zodian "Big Z" Tildor [Next Generation Hero]
The famous, brutal and self-loving ex-captain of the Ardoth Butchers Khetla team has fallen from grace and fame to squalor and drink. After eeking out an existance amongst the shasts as a celebrity bouncer - paid in rusper - he has turned to the Cryshell Palace for a chance to earn a steady income - as a tauther.
The fact that he is a celebrity probably owned this burly, boccord drunkard his tauther challisk but now he has to prove his worth to the realm and to the Dharsage.

Burt Carlissey [Next Generation Hero]

After serving the Drailoth military and seeing their total disregard for the hard workin', peace lovin', mutant hatin' settlers in Drailoth, Burt has come to the old (and cold) motherland himself to become a tauther and native come home to the motherland to become a tauther and - as his Ma always said - do something with his life.
With the challisk, his trusted crossbow and with a handful of fate from the Coralli gods, Burt might yet avenge his butchered family and free his brothers and sister from the clutches of the vile ramian.

Yaran Garde [Next Generation Hero]
The former war hero of the ramian invasion - stemming from the distinguished Garde family of Gauss - has fallen to shame with the rise of the dictator of Burdoth Rasec Turgerin. Siding with rebellious kimmits, drenns and tauther, Yaran now seeks revenge and a way to restore his and his family's honour.

Therri [Next Generation Hero]
The redcapre hishtin of Ardoth has served the Cryshell Palace as a Redcape for many years and distinguished himself in both human and muadra society. But when a ruthless dictator assumes power in Burdoth and begins prosecuting muadra sholari Therri decides he doesn't want to be part of the brutalities.

Rissa Willham Arcat [Guest / Temporary character] 
The secretive and silent shadow. Originally a fusheen klade assassin, the slender man now travels the roads of Jorune in order to flee his unseen enemies and gather wealth to protect someone or something he holds dear.

Drogan the Beaster [Guest / Temporary character] 
A kind animal trainer and circus artist from the human societies of Tan-Iricid. Having travelled extensively throughout Thantier and the Drail colonies, the beaster sought adventure for a while with the hard heroes of the tale. His always smiling face and trusting demeanor makes him a unique and totally unselfish individual in a world of thugs. His pet Alatus (a poisonous winged snake) has however scared many men.

Falkem "Old Fart" Johnom [Guest / temporary character] 
A 50-year-old (looks like 60) sailor/pirate with extremely acute (but selective) hearing. The old bag has a tendency to survive everything and has claimably drunk his own piss and cooked his boots several times at sea.
Was last seen alive and kickin' in Aylon -03.


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