Shal - Essays, Rules


"Keeper of the Ancient Order" (Shantic)

"Kabolla" (Troffa) - Wise Uncle

"Huzai" (Dow) - The Enlightened World

"Hal ' woudha" (Thowtis) - Ancient One

The elegant and pristine moon has many ravines and craters crisscrossing its surface. A regal symbol and keeper of ancient mysteries.

Celestial Body Type:

Planetary satellite

Distance from Gravity Well:

332 632 km

Equatorial Diameter:

3 512 km

Orbital Period:

40,5 days

Orbital inclination

3 degrees

Essays & Rules

This is a complete list of the essays I have written. Like the maps, these essays have often been created out of neccessity during campaigns, as I have felt the need to get my thoughts on paper.  
I'm sure they're full of spelling errors and other mistakes and will of course be in debt forever to the one(s) that make me aware of them.

The list below is a complete list of essays that might otherwise be spread on this webpage.

Codex Jorunis (Rules revision)

The rules used by our group allows for more decisions and strategy during combat, but also contain character enhancements (virtues etc) and heroic elements such as Hero Points and Hero Attributes.


Codex Jorunis (short rulebook)

Player & Sholari aids

Character Sheet

Drenn Point Sheet

Isho Info Sheet

Examples of equipment sizes

Daijic Notes

Hero Point Options

Character creation & skills

Creation and Experience charts

Skill list

Occupation list

Hero Attributes


Main Combat Charts

Combat Data Charts

Weapons Chart


Dyshas & isho Summary


Limilates, poisons and diseases (UPDATED)

Flora & Fauna Chart (UPDATED)

Isho Essays

These essays detail the invisible and amazing world of isho and its use by various species.

Isho - The Invisible World

A description of what isho is, how it works, how isho sensitive creatures percieve the world around them etc. 

Weaving the Isho

A description of how weaving and other isho manipulative skills works. It also touches vital parts of most muadru cultures.

Isho Technology (D10 system update)

How the enigmatic shantic technology really works and a list of artefacts. This essay is created for my own revised Jorune game system - Codex Jorunis.

Dysha List

A list of the common dyshas, their effects and how to use them in Codex Jorunis. Also some new dyshas - some unweavable by mere muadru.

Injinn Technology(NEW)

The new hybrid technology of the Kerell, which places new nasty isho and muadra inhibiting technology in the hands of purist humans.

Weaver Technology (NEW)

The World Weaver cult's attempt to re-engineer the enigmatic shantic technology, combined with some hybrid tech principles.

Realm Essays

These essays describe a realm, it's geography, people, history, cultures, languages, towns, flora and fauna etc.

Khodre (+ Kirlan essay and Kirlan map)

Ros Crendor


Culture Essays

These essays add something to the species and cultures, as described in Skyrealms of Jorune

Acubon secrets

Some additional information about the misty origin of this mysterious and very xenomorph race as well as some of the secrets of Lake Dau-uh-Dey that they try very hard to keep.

Cleash Genetic Hierarchy

Details about the cleash society and its genetic hierarchy, as well as some more arcane and ancient secrets that paint a more sinister and dangerous picture of the cleash.

Racial Attributes

A comparison of physical attributes, senses, strenghts and weaknesses of the different races of Jorune. 

Ramian Caste System

Details about the strict ramian caste system that governs the ramian society.

Salu Sailors

Some insight into the diverse culture of the amazing salu and their mostly unknown past. 

Scarmis Society

Information about the genetically ordered society of the scatter-brained scarmis. 

The Lamorri

Information about the dreaded lamorri whose legacies and ghosts still haunt Jorune.

Thivin Families

A glimpse into the strictly patriarchal trading families that walk Jorune and govern the lives of all gentle thivin.

Spread of Humanity on Jorune

Short introductions to the history and spread of the numerous human cultures of Jorune, past and present.

The Sky People

Introduction to the mainly unknown and secluded Sky People living hidden amongst the clouds of the towering Thodicean Mountains.

Geographical Spread of Species

Maps detailing the habitats / realms of the different intelligent species of Jorune.

Other Essays

Humans and Shantas on Jorune

The original text from 3rd EditionSkyrealms of Jorune

Jorune according to sholari James

My personal view of the world of Jorune and an explanation how this version of the world grew into what it is today. 

Jorune Astrology

Introduction to the star-gazers, seers, astrologers and iscin that study the night sky and what they know.

Languages of Jorune

Record of the languages of Jorune and their dialects, as well as details of their relation and written scripts. 

+ human language trees


A list of limilates, their effects, appearance and costs. Some references here to my own revised game system for Jorune.

Natural Hazards of Jorune

A list of the usual, but also unusual and unique geographical dangers of the alien world that is Jorune.

Religions of Jorune

Descriptions of the various major faiths, minor religions and smaller cults of Jorune that give an identity and flavour to a people or a civilisation.


The original timeline of the Skyrealms team, with incorporated dates from my essays. This timeline is LONG and should be used in conjunction with my other essays.

Shayne's Guide to Bettre Shoppinge

A funnier type of equipment list and a must for all tauther.

The H21 System

The Jorune star system with its amazing planets and the history of its human exploration.

Johennon Beastiary (UPDATED)
A personal field study and listing of Joruni flora and fauna. [Work constantly in progress]

Law on Jorune

Ok, I'm a law student....there just had to be an essay about the different law systems and views on law and order.

The Drenn Test

Some details about how I coundct the Drenn Test with my players. Make it hard, make it important, make it worth the while.


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Other RPGs

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Other stuff

Earth Boy - Stunder att minnas




This website and the material here are works of fiction. They contain names, characters, places events and incidents that are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. 

The material is inspired by the amazing game Skyrealms of Jorune by Andrew and Amy Leker and Miles Tevez, as well as other RPG games, such as Fading Suns, Eclipse Phase, Vampire, Call of Cthulhu etc.

Several images are from or inspired by these game and created by various talented artists. They are all used in a purely non-profitable manner and any request to remove them will be acted upon immediately.

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