Ebba - Introduction, Updates


"The Sender" (Shantic) 
"Hosma" (Thuvill) -The Keeper of Time 
"NyGiira" (Erucian) -Giira's Eye 
"Tikkolik Maar" (Tikoq) -Sea Harvester 

It's craters and silver coloured surface are easily seen. Much Shantic mythology centers around this moon's detailed surface.

Celestial Body Type:

Planetary satellite

Distance from Gravity Well:

346 052 km

Equatorial Diameter:

3 592 km

Orbital Period:

4 days

Orbital inclination

15 degrees

Introduction & Updates

150 Years From Now 
Humans impose their will and technology upon a distant world 

3500 Years From Now 
Man's rule is ancient history, Earth only a shadowy myth.  
Humans and other intelligent races survive using technologies  
and tools of other times and other cultures. Their own  
inspiring past eagerly awaits discovery beneath millenia of war  
and regrowth

3500 Years From Now Is Your Time On Jorune 
Leave Your World Behind

- The original Skyrealms of Jorune teaser    

In the deep reaches of space lies a glistening blue world referred to as Jorune by most of its inhabitans. It has carried many names throughout the ages and has been a battleground for terrible wars in the past.


Now, it lies forgotten amid the sparkling cold stars - until it is rediscovered again. 

The ancient terran colony that existed on the world is long gone, but the hapless humans that were abandoned there still thrive. The descendants of the human colonists have made a place for themselves amid alien races and a hostile natural envoronment. Their origins is the stuff of legends and myths, they live their lives, as generations have done before, oblivious of their once glorious past.

If you are new to Jorune, read more about human and shantic history throughout the millenia in the Humans and Shantas on Jorune essay from Skyrealms.

If you are already familiar with Jorune, please read on: 

Jorune is a magical place, full of extraordinary natural wonders, colourful inhabitants and great mysteries. Just like the terran colony was forgotten/abandoned, so were the Jorune fans, when no more books on Jorune were published. Like many other sholaris, I began to build upon the great world of Jorune, adding first names and places, then beasts and items. Soon, the world of Jorune had grown immensely and I found that there was now a great number of cultures, religions and realms complete with the historic events which shaped them. Always trying to follow the original concept  laid out by Skyrealms Publishing I expanded Jorune and tried to solve her mysteries. Over the years, my version of Jorune might very well have come to differ from what other sholaris believe Jorune to be like, but I still hope that you might find some or all of my additions entertaining.

Jorune - according to sholari James

An introduction to my view of Jorune with some thoughts regarding timeline, spread of humanity, Languages, race relations, religions, earth-tech, power factions, world conspiracies, isho, tra-sense and shantic tech

The H21 star system

An overview of the strange and nearly impossible star system wherein Jorune and it's moons is situated. Aboslutely not canon, but provides a good overview and isho phenomena overview in my campaigns. Also used during my campaigns set in Jorune's future.


17/9 2002 
Original site officially launched. Hope you like it!

18/9 2002 
Mumble, mumble.....Various corrections of texts and links.

18/9 2002 
Jeremiah's own page added under Desti.

17/10 2002 
Snogard's own page added under Desti.

27/10 2002 
Introduction essay (Jorune according to sholari James) corrected. A lot of spelling errors there. - Sorry!

10/12 2002 
Pheuww!! Decent work doesn't give one much time to complete more essays. Managed to get Thivin Families out though!!

30/04 2003 
Tavar's and Nod's pages added under Desti.

6/6 2003 
Three isho essays added under Tra and Shal.

22/6 2003 
The Codex Jorunis (Rules Revision) added under Desti. Took me more time than I thought to get this out.

23/6 2003 
Law on Jorune added under Shal.

8/9 2003 
Lundere and NE Dobre maps added under. Gobey. N Hobeh map revised. 
Religions of Jorune revised under Shal.

9/11 2003
Site moved to its own domain www.sholarijames.com and slightly altered

18/11 2003
Jorune PBM added to Desti. All scenes from the New Zealand run Play By Mail. In Swedish though.

25/12 2003
Sky People essay added and links updated.

4/7 2004
Whooohaa!! Finally completed my Jorune novel. Now I might have time for some more updates to this page.

9/7 2004
Mojjk's page added under Desti

12/7 2004
Pjire's page added under Desti

12/7 2004
Nod's new page added under Desti

5/10 2004
Drogan added under Desti. New updates for Mojjk.

7/10 2004
Lamorri essay added under Jorune and Shal. Happy reading for those that have waited. Be open-minded about my old sketches. They're from the early nineties.

30/11 2004
Jaqueline's page finally updated under Desti.

20/12 2004
Pictures from my wedding put on this website. A link has been added under Links.

28/12 2004

A Fading Suns section has been added to this website. A link has been added under Links.

4/2 2005
List of Friends & Foes added under Desti. Heridoth essay added under Shal.

11/2 2005
Preko's and Falkem's pages added under Desti.

3/6 2005
Lukazail's page added under Desti.

9/6 2005
Friends & Foes list updated under Desti. Still no pics. 
Adventure Summary added. Pheuw! A lot of text.... 
Player adventure resumé added under Desti.

16/6 2005
Mojjk updated under Desti.

26/9 2005
Salu Sailors essay added under Shal and Jorune.
The last essays for a while, as my imagination will be touring Fading Suns for a while (see under Links).

9/1 2005
Guestbook removed due to extensive spamming.

6/11 2007
Sorry, still no updates or new material. Jorune is not forgotten, simply resting. I am running Fading Suns campaigns right now, but will soon be back.

28/10 2008
I'm back! Time for Jorune again and I've published a few updates/corrections on rules and essays + adventure summary update. New character pages and new essays coming soon.......

30/10 2008
Geographical Spread of Species added under Jorune and Shal.

19/11 2008
New PC's Burt Carlissey and Big Z added under Desti.

22/12 2010
OK...back to Jorune. After what thought to be the homecoming in 2009 I was sidetracked and ended up gamemastering a campaign for World of Darkness (Vampire) which took 1½ years to complete.

4/1 2011
Website slightly updated. Renewal begun. Codex Jorunis documents updated and Limilates updated under Shal and Launtra. Links removed/added. New contact details for sholari added etc.

24/2 2011
Shayne's Guide revised. Johennon Beastiary and Flora and Fauna Chart added under Shal and Launtra.

16/11 2011
Some essays updated. Adventure Summary updated under Desti. Friends and Foes updated under Desti

1/2 2012
Adventure Summary and Friends & Foes updated under Desti.

3/4 2012
"Our Friend Khaine" homepage added under Desti

1/5 2012
New Ardoth Newsweave Node added under Du.

3/5 2012
Gorramar II homepage added under Desti

4/5 2012
Background info for "Origins Expedition" added under Du.
"Stunder att minnas" updated under Desti.
"Friends and Foes" updated under Desti.

28/5 2012
Potpourri picture of Henrik's RPG characters added under Picture Gallery under Launtra.

29/12 2012
City of Köping webpage added under H21 (links) for new multi-GM campaign.

19/4 2013
Latest Jorune adventure finally updated in Adventure Summary under Desti.

28/6 2019

After a long, long break from Jorune, it's now time again to visit the mysterious world of seven moons. In preparation for the new Tales, the website was revived and remade with another tool. It will now also include material from other RPGs than Jorune.

14/7 2019

Codex Jorunis (the Jorune rules we use when playing our campaign) and all charts, files etc needed uploaded under Shal. 


The following people should be appointed drenn status (at least): 

Andrew and Amy Leker 
For creating the amazing world of Jorune.

Miles Teves
For letting me use his incredible Jorune artwork and for creating the amazing world of Jorune.

Caroline Mansell 
My super wife. For tolerating late night role-playing sessions all these years and enduring my hours in front of the computer.

The Roleplaying kids

My kids - Elliot & Molly - and some of the kids of the other roleplayers - play roleplaying games as well, and often inspire me with ideas and drawings for nasty deadly monsters, gruesome traps and cruel NPCs. The minds of kids are scary....

Mikael Ohlsson 
Friend, rugby player and computer freak who always helps me when I get stuck with my webpage work.

Joe Coleman 
For being devoted to Jorune and keeping the exploratory spirit alive.

Ola Holmdahl 
For his amazing images of the characters adventuring on Jorune and throughout Widewater.

Martin Holmdahl 
For his amazing and often funny images of Jorune, player characters and Jorune nasties. Most of them drawn while playing or depicting certain scenes.

My players
For enduring and expanding on my adventure ideas and often surprising me with their clever/stupid/strange/unwholesome actions.

The Jorune Groups

First via email lists and then via Facebook. A lot of ideas bubble through from there and start growing into unwholesome (for my players) adventure ideas.


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The material is inspired by the amazing game Skyrealms of Jorune by Andrew and Amy Leker and Miles Tevez, as well as other RPG games, such as Fading Suns, Eclipse Phase, Vampire, Call of Cthulhu etc.

Several images are from or inspired by these game and created by various talented artists. They are all used in a purely non-profitable manner and any request to remove them will be acted upon immediately.

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